Stadthalle Reutlingen has good, solid roots

Stadthalle Reutlingen GmbH is responsible for renting, marketing and administration of Stadthalle. Our team is the perfect partner for all issues revolving around the hall, from A as in Arrival to Z as in Zoom – quite simply for events in Reutlingen that set new standards of attractiveness and professionalism.

Our GmbH (German limited liability company) is a 100% subsidiary of Reutlingen city, with Barbara Bosch, city mayor of Reutlingen, acting as the chairperson of the board. We regard ourselves as integral part of cultural and societal life in Reutlingen and fulfill a trailblazing role in Stuttgart metropolitan region: our equilibrium fuses sustainability with high-tech in an innovative, attractive way. To this end we maintain and value communications with all stakeholders. Being close, deeply immersed and fully committed – that’s how we do things!

Team Stadthalle Reutlingen