We’re the very first city event hall in Germany to conduct 100% carbon neutral events. In cooperation with the internationally operating non-profit foundation „myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership“ we calculated the carbon footprint of Stadthalle Reutlingen, including all internal building processes. Based on these data we identified the necessary compensation for the amount of carbon dioxide generated, which we used to determine the required annual compensation for ensuring climate neutrality. This is wholly borne by ourselves and is not implemented on the promoter’s expense. The consumption of fossil fuels is then reduced through selected, high-quality climate protection projects in developing and emerging markets, but also e.g. in Switzerland and New Zealand, thus promoting sustainable development in project regions.

Our project: on Madagascar, our compensation fees finance the replacement of traditional fireplaces by solar cookers and efficient cooker models. This helps to significantly lessen the amount of harmful soot generated while simultaneously reducing the burning of fuel wood, which in the past contributed to the extreme deforestation of the island. Cookers are produced locally and sold cheaply to local households. By now, in five workshops and two sales points our commitment has created quite a sizeable number of jobs. In the future, this network will be extended further, so that the entire island may be supplied.

Your Sustainability Contact at Stadthalle Reutlingen is expecting your calls! For all information on our events with added green value such as Green Meetings, consistent climate protection and our holistic ecological concept at Stadthalle Reutlingen, please call +49 7121 3355-125.

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