A Wealth Of Green in Stadthalle Reutlingen!

Green Globe was introduced as one of the first global certification and performance improvement programs and relies on three pillars: environmental friendliness, social responsibility and economic viability. It aims at supporting companies to improve their economic, social and ecologic sustainability. It’s not sufficient to just switch off the lights upon leaving a room or to refrain from heating while the windows are open. Ms. Roser is certainly aware of this. „We want to keep living up to our conviction as expressed in our membership at fairpflichtet, the common sustainability code of the event economy: act fairly towards people, responsibly towards the environment, and maintain a sound economic foundation“.

To recognize how serious the Reutlingen team takes this issue, just look at the raw data: For the third time in a row Stadthalle was able to improve their Green Globe result, now ranging among the top of all 41 Green Globe certified venues in Germany. Besides this outstanding top score, Stadthalle is currently intensifying cooperation with myclimate – a partnership which laid the foundation for USP „CO2 neutral events.” „With all this”, says Roser, „we remain the only municipal event venue within Germany that provides the complete offerings on these terms.”

Meanwhile, the green particular feature list for the Reutlingen model venue has become quite lengthy: the entire electric supply of the building is now 100 per cent water power sourced – „which means we far exceed Green Globe requirements“, as Roser points out. That’s only the beginning: a dedicated photovoltaics system on the roof, rainwater cisterns, own two-vehicle recharging station, all lavatory paper towel distributors replaced by Dyson hand dryers. One thing is for sure: Those were not the last improvements by far.

All this does not only help the environment. Increasingly, proposal requests for major events explicitly demand sustainability certifications. This means: Reutlingen Stadthalle is environmentally friendly – which renders the site even more attractive to new, distinguished names, exciting events and popular guests. To Petra Roser, the challenge is clear: „We want to remain a leading example for sustainable activities, and will continue working on constantly improving our energy management.”