Full Throttle – Conferencing With State-Of-The-Art Optical Fiber Technology

That’s how we implement demanding online conferencing or manage large participant numbers at conventions and conferences while maintaining excellent quality. Via high-speed internet we thus provide an ultramodern technical infrastructure for all embedding of external (company) sites and participants or for other transmission solutions our clients may wish for. Implement a large variety of multimedia applications at a superior technological level and with optimum security: video streaming, high-speed online conferencing or usage of online services – impeccable quality guaranteed even with high participant numbers and constantly high upload and download rates of 1 GBit/s. Our visitors and clients are not only provided with free Wi-Fi throughout the building, but thanks to structured cabling they are able to access LAN connections practically everywhere on site. As an option we will provide a secure Wi-Fi with dedicated connection for sensible applications, which remains separate from regular visitor’s Wi-Fi network.

To express it in user numbers: some 400 simultaneous streams in SD quality at ca. 2 MBit/s are feasible here. In significantly superior HD resolution (720p HD) at ca. 10 Mbit/s, 80 parallel video streams may be implemented. And even in top class Full HD with 1080 p we are able to maintain around 40 simultaneous streams. (For technology aficionados: these data are exemplary values calculated for use of h.264 Codec and may differ depending on encoder settings).

To use a specific event as an example, high-speed online conferencing and live streaming, to us, conforms to the following Best Practice standards: Some 600 congress participants were not only able to use free Wi-Fi connection provided throughout the building, but also an additional, secured Wi-Fi provided specifically for sensible applications. Secure and on a cutting-edge level of technology, any multimedia application was rendered possible. Through live streaming the conference was conducted with a subsidiary located at an external site. We passed our première in June 2014 with flying colors and have implemented numerous other, demanding scenarios since, e.g. standing connections with Paris, centralized server
management and distribution to various seminar rooms of presentations transmitted from outside etc.

The World Lives Online – Increasingly in Event Management As Well

Petra Roser, Stadthalle Reutlingen CEO, describes our approach as follows: „As a principle, we offer our clients a comprehensive event service with additional value – including integration of online options. Everyone uses virtual services often and regularly. This trend is now reflected in our technology offer for professional conventions, conferences and meetings – thus doing away with spatial limits entirely. In this, we definitely play a leading role in the economic hub of Stuttgart and its region.“

Thanks to Stadthalle Reutlingen’s optical fiber internet connection, regular operation provides a permanent bandwidth of 2 GBit/s (synchronous). Optionally, clients may book up to 10 GBit/s (synchronous) for an extra charge. Video conferences using Skype, WebEX, Cisco, Google Hangouts or other providers are also feasible for up to 300-400 simultaneous connections. Company clients in particular will appreciate the particular advantage of such performance features.

Even More Options For High-End Clients

Through our close cooperation with Globalways – specialists in large bandwidth cloud hosting at unmitigated 10 GBit/s speed – we are able to provide up to 8 additional, bookable 1 GBit/s connections quickly and for relatively low setup costs. Uncomplicated and with highly appealing performance, we are now the venue of choice for future conferencing: locally based, globally available.